2024 CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame Inductees Celebrated for Outstanding Contributions

The CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame has announced its 2024 inductees, honoring Joachim Kraft, Tim Duffy, and the late Richard A. Ross for their significant contributions to the amateur radio community and society at large. These individuals have demonstrated exceptional dedication and impact in advancing amateur radio technology, promoting community engagement, and supporting various aspects of the hobby through their lifelong efforts.


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5/28/20242 min read

Richard A. Ross, SK (K2MGA)

Richard A. Ross, the former president of CQ Publishing, has been posthumously inducted into the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame. As editor and later publisher of CQ Magazine, Dick oversaw the publication of 11 magazine titles, along with books, calendars, and a video library. He was a passionate advocate for contesting, DXing, and other facets of amateur radio, celebrating the achievements of his peers. His induction into all three CQ Halls of Fame is a testament to his lifelong dedication to amateur radio and his enduring legacy in the community.

Joachim Kraft (DL8HCZ, CT1HZE)

Joachim Kraft, an avid amateur radio enthusiast since 1980, has played a pivotal role in the technical advancement of amateur radio. Since 1989, he has focused on researching propagation phenomena in the VHF/UHF and microwave bands. He has been instrumental in publishing DUBUS, an English-language magazine that delves into DX successes on the 6m, 2m, and higher bands. The magazine's meticulous evaluation of sporadic-E DX QSOs in the 2m band spans over five decades and stands as a unique global resource. Founded in 1972 by Berlin radio amateurs, DUBUS broke through the barriers of the Iron Curtain to share technical and DX information worldwide. For over 35 years, Joachim has dedicated himself to the magazine, serving as its publisher for nearly 25 years. Today, DUBUS reaches readers in more than 50 countries.

Tim Duffy (K3LR)
Already a member of the CQ Contest Hall of Fame since 2006, is being inducted into the CQ Amateur Radio Hall of Fame because of his lifetime achievements that far transcend his contesting accomplishments. As a contester, Tim has hosted over 160 different amateur radio operators from around the world to his superstation (11 operating positions and 14 towers) since 1992. He has been the moderator of the Hamvention Antenna forum for 36 years, and has served as chairman of Contest University (15 years), the Dayton Contest Dinner (29 years), and the Top Band Dinner. He also co-coordinates the Contest Super Suite (37 years) in Dayton during the yearly Hamvention. He also founded the popular RFI reflector (RFI@contesting.com), and has moderated it since 1999. Tim serves on the board of directors of the Worldwide Radio Operators Foundation (WWROF) as Chairman, and is President Emeritus of the Radio Club of America (RCA). Tim is multi-year President of the Mercer County Amateur Radio Club (W3LIF/W3JTV). He received the RCA Barry Goldwater Amateur Radio Award in 2010, Hamvention Amateur of the Year in 2015, and the YASME Excellence Award in 2016. Professionally, Tim is the Chief Executive Officer of DX Engineering.