Amateur radio enthusiasts assist train passenger in need, deliver urgent medication

A news article involving two amateur radio operators heroically provided emergency medical assistance to a patient on a train.


3/5/20241 min read

In Khammam, a dramatic turn of events saw two amateur radio enthusiasts stepping in to deliver urgently needed medication to a patient traveling by train. Bishwamay Bose, hailing from Nager Bazar, Dum Dum in Kolkata and employed in Hyderabad, experienced a health crisis due to multiple issues a few days before his journey. His brother, Sanmay Bose, traveled to Hyderabad with the intention of bringing Bishwamay back to their hometown.

They embarked on their journey home aboard the Secunderabad – Shalimar Weekly Superfast Express (22850) last Friday. However, Bishwamay's health rapidly declined during the trip, leading to severe pain in his neck and forehead, and he lost the ability to speak.

A physician present on the train examined him and prescribed medication, but the train's non-stop schedule meant the medicine was inaccessible. In response, Sanmay contacted their father, Bishwanath Bose, who is a social worker and a member of the West Bengal Inter-Agency Group (IAG), to relay the urgent situation.

Taking immediate action, Bishwanath posted about the emergency in the IAG’s WhatsApp group, catching the attention of West Bengal Radio Club secretary Ambarish Nag Biswas, also known by his ham radio call sign VU2JFA and a fellow IAG member. Biswas reached out to Sai Likhith, a ham operator based in Hyderabad with the call sign VU2EFN, detailing the predicament.

With the train scheduled for a brief stop at Visakhapatnam railway station at 3:10 pm and only an hour to act, Likhith, who happened to be in Visakhapatnam, procured the necessary medication. He arrived at the station in the nick of time and handed the medicine to Sanmay, providing much-needed relief to the ailing passenger.